Greece Rally 2023 and Rallye du Maroc 2023

Greece Rally 2023 and Rallye du Maroc 2023

After three months of designing and a lot of stitching, our new Enduro Jackets and pants are finally ready. Before been placed to the market, all products will be tested to make sure that the quality meets our criteria. The first testing ground will be Greece Rally which will be held in the magical city of Ioannina and will also include two marathon days in the beautiful landscapes of Albania! The Second Rally of testing will be Rallye du Maroc and the rider Ardit Kurtaj will do the test under the hot sands of Maroco!

UPDATE 27/10/2023

The race is over! Our two new products have come to be very sturdy, and the material proved to be much more resilient than we expected! Some changes will be put on future designs, but mostly cosmetics!

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