Ardit Kurtaj On Fire!

Ardit Kurtaj On Fire!

Ardit Kurtaj 

Desafio Ruta 40 just finished with Ardit taking the first in his category and getting ready for the next chapter of W2RC at Rallye du Maroc, his last challenge before Dakar Rally of 2024!

But lets meet Ardit and his rally background!

His rally debut was in the year of 2018 and raced various rallies across Europe and Americas. He completed and finished Rally du Maroc of 2023 thus grabbing a ticket for Dakar Rally. His last Race was in DesafioRuta 40 in Argentina, winning his category! Last but not least, Ardit is the first Albanian who will compete at Dakar Rally!

Ardit will help us test our new Enduro jackets and pants, trying to bring to our customers the best quality/price equipment for all level of riders, whether its amateur or expert. 

Visit Ardit’s site to learn more about him and to support him!

You can also support Ardit by using the code AK81 on your check-out basket!

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