FIM European Champion 2023: Lilimay Mansuy!

FIM European Champion 2023: Lilimay Mansuy!

The year of 2023 was a big and productive year for the amazing Lil’May! After 4 rallies, she managed to win the European Female Champion title! You can read a quick summary of the upcoming podcast where we are talking with LiliMay and you can have the opportunity to listen all she has to say about the rallies and of course, her upcoming plans and DAKAR!

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The four rallies Lili raced and finished were the following:

Hellas Rally 2023, one of the most (if not) difficult editions of Hellas rally due to heavy rain and lots of mud everywhere. Many drivers did not finish the race, and many more had mechanical issues while passing big rivers. The long days made it even more difficult to get a good rest after the race.

Romania Baja 555, the second leg of the FIM championship, took place in Romania. This rally was not so good for Lili. A big crash destroyed her motorcycle and also her father had an accident. Thankfully both are great in health!

Dinaric Rally, another great edition of the Dinaric Rally across amazing Croatia and the Dinaric Alps took place this year. Big days made the rally quite difficult while passing through some amazing scenery! The third part of the championship left Lili with great results and a lot of experience!

Adventure Galicia, the last part of the championship, took place in the amazing autonomous community of Galicia! The participants enjoyed the amazing roadbook navigation and the great scenery! This was the last race of Lili in order to win the championship and she did!

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