Braaaap Goat on the test!

Braaaap Goat on the test!

Starting our activities energetically, we have declared partcipation in the Olympia Rally, which will be held between 24/04/2023 and 29/04/2023. The riders who will represent us, will report us about the quality of our clothes! In this specific race, equipment that it is not yet available for purchase from our site will be tested, however, we will check its endurance in Enduro Rally conditions! We want the worldto know us as a Greek company that offers durable products, affordable and accesible to everyone. We would like to see more and more people wearing our equipment with the Greek goat logo! We are starting with slow and steady steps and our collection will keep growing! Stay tuned and we will update you at the end of each Rally day!

Braaaap Goat Team!

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