Thank you for your inquire in our services. Below you will find all the information you need to know. We are an official reseller of F2R and H3D, so all our equipment comes from these two companies. Feel free to ask us anything anytime. Tailor made needs will be discussed on demand.


We provide all the necessary tools to race all three current rallies in Greece. Hellas rally Stella base is also available.. We can install all the equipment for you for a minimal fee (upon request). For a second or third tripmaster the extra fee is 10€ per day. If you require specific parts, please feel free to ask.

-RB850 Electric RB Holder plus remote switch

-ICO racing Tripmaster

-H3D support bracket

-RMS universal Camps

-PB power box

-Stella Installation Kit for Hellas Rallye

Please contact us for fees charged